Leather belts, summing up. Review…

I think that the quality of American products has not been very beneficially affected by the massive transfer of production to Asia in order to reduce costs and increase profits.
Reverse side of the buckle. But I waited for three months (!) until the belts had a terrible vinegar smell.
I told you everything about the Solid Leather Goods belt.

Six holes.
Live looks good, but the photo turned out to be somehow scratched. Got a turbo lighter. Weird.
Maybe the paint is waterproof.
A card, a spare screw and a blunt Chinese punch. And here is the wrinkled canvas. In vain the manufacturer does this, spoils the good impression of a quality belt.

I have never bought clothes in such packaging. Other than that, a good solid work belt. Three weeks later, the intermediary brought a parcel with military underpants and a tin can. Front side looks good, no defects. Probably, there are ways of deliveries. Better yet, do it yourself if you have the materials, tools and skills. But it was clear that the size "with a margin." On the same Amazon, I read that the belt can be shortened without any problems. Of course, there are no textiles here. Then I went to read reviews on Amazon and abruptly changed my mind.
As they say, measure twice, cut once.
At the moment, Solid Leather Goods and Ariat belts https://jiji.com.et/141-car-rental-services/toyota-hiace are my favorite. I found exactly the same belt on Amazon, it costs $29.99 now.
I now have enough belts for many years. So, it is better to take leather belts from local artisans if you have them. pretty easy.
The skin makes some strange impression.
Something water is not particularly absorbed.
From the back of the hole look even more
In general, I don’t feel sorry for the 14 bucks paid (although at first I was disappointed), but I wouldn’t buy more expensive. You have to buy online.
Next, as usual, we will try to set fire to the skin. After reading the comments, I was ripe for a purchase, even though for me the price of 15 bucks is not so low. I want to convey the idea that modern American brands from the mass market do not mainly make belts, but some kind of plastic misunderstandings. Small cut in the buckle area. My friends didn’t like Levi’s and Timberland belts either.

Leather belts, summing up. I found the description of this belt with difficulty, it has Italian Luca leather. If this does not suit you, then either overpay for Made in USA or better look for manufacturers of quality leather products in your country. I don’t see any pronounced layering.
Long advertising text mentioning Amazon. Since there is no plastic, this is not leatherette and not pressed leather. It came with the paint on the buckle worn off and the canvas was somewhat narrower than I expected – only 31 mm. But it probably costs more money. Just painted a little on the back By the way, the pairmysole seller has a lot of discounted products, namely
Amazon brands.
The prints on the back are very indistinct.
Even before visiting pairmysole, I decided to buy a used Carhartt belt. Otherwise, it looks the same as before. From this point of view, the review is "useless". This link was placed in the header of the review. The black side is like new, and the brown side quickly took on a "vintage" look. For a long time with effort rubbed with a cotton cloth. You might think – this is leatherette on a fabric basis! But, firstly, it feels like skin to the touch, and secondly, we will also look at the macro photo and conduct testing. Lightweight, you immediately feel pressed skin in your hands. A leather sample hangs from the buckle. And I started wearing them with jeans. Reversible belt from Cabela’s.

The belt is new, all wrapped in film. Nocona I have already sold. But there was no characteristic smell of "scorched hair". It is immediately noticeable that they are focused on Western buyers.

I made a couple of new holes, and the skin around them stretched a bit. Embossed with brand name. I did not wear it, but put it up for sale. Well, the result. I understand that few of the readers will rush to buy a Ukrainian belt for themselves.
Crushed the burnt area. Both belts turned out to be heavily impregnated with a synthetic base, and shed noticeably when simply wiped with water.
He has two minuses. But, unfortunately, it ran out of gas. But in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, judging by the comments, the situation with leather goods is much better. I’m interested.
The buckle looks like it’s made from a coated alloy. I know that it will go under my pruning, but it’s still unpleasant.
The skin is painted very moderately. I’ll have to use the regular one. Strange for a rather expensive belt. After reading about the problems with nickel, one would expect a stainless steel and unplated buckle. And he really came
According to the fire test, the belt is made of genuine leather. Some other buyers rave about the fact that the buckle metal coating is nickel-free and there is no irritation when wearing the belt.
A belt at full price is not cheap, they could have been cut out more carefully. Although it is declared Top Grain Leather. I don’t even know if Ukrainians can buy products of this
brand in your country. But the belt is suspiciously light, as if made of pressed leather.
And another inner surface.
Reverse side. I immediately decided to shorten it, so I measured it.
Belt width 38.5 mm, thickness 3.5 mm. But no, it’s just a cardboard tube and two tin lids.
There was a piece of leather with defects near the buckle on the reverse side. In principle, a good belt.
A note about the size.
On the reverse side of the canvas, a pattern similar to ordinary textiles is stamped. The tip on the reverse side is also cut off not very neatly.
And they are not done very neatly. With purchase
surveyed belt, I decided that I closed this issue. So, tests are tests, but the actual use is different. The belt with a brass buckle did not fit, and even so tightly. I found the English-language site leather.in.ua and have already switched from it to Amazon.
Then I found pairmysole and one of my first purchases there was a Carhartt hat and a Nocona belt. And folds of the skin in a couple of places on the canvas.

Testing showed a considerable proportion of artificial components in the two-layer composition. Now let’s look at the surface of the skin. In the face of disappointment, I bought a belt from a rather expensive Trafalgar brand.
The condition of the belt was new with defect. This is how all my belts look in comparison.
Let’s look at slices in macro.
The store has a very similar belt for $19.99. That’s all. Now about the Chinese belts. Thanks for

The belt really disappointed me. But it’s more like paint, not sealant like Chinese belts. I haven’t paid more for the belt yet. I decided to try to break the narrow strips. But there is no Solid Leather Goods on Ebay right now. Reverse side. No boiling plastic, like some past samples, was observed.
Review of a quality Solid Leather Goods belt and its comparison with the American Nocona, Trafalgar, Ariat, Carhartt, Cabela’s, as well as the Chinese Medyla

In the market with imported belts, things are also not very good, especially if you need a large size. This is what the tip of the belt looks like.
And then the pairmysole seller came across a belt from an unfamiliar brand with a description of Made in Ukraine. On the side surface of the jar is a list of advantages. Now a small digression on other leather belts.
With difficulty removed the lid. Everything seems to be fine. Now let’s test the skin with water. There are also home brands, and many private craftsmen.
Since there was only one belt, it was not possible to choose the size. Some of the last straps we tested had very strong straps. At first it seemed that the bank really needs to be opened. The most popular review on the resource I have is the “exposure” of the Medyla belt. Although… In any case, the Chinese are asking a bit much for belts of this quality. I had to shorten the belt in two passes.
The surface looks like before.

And, oddly enough, nothing bad happened to them.
The total length of the belt is about 144 cm. I tried a lot of budget belts from the USA, and the best was a Ukrainian-made belt, bought there. I also wrote a review about a very similar belt with a brass buckle. Well, I was struck by the comments on Amazon. Looks like natural. The Americans themselves write that they are tired of the belts of famous brands made of fake leather, but here the leather is real and, moreover, thick and of high quality.
The edges of the canvas are closed. I haven’t run into this problem, so I don’t care. In general, I’m already tired of buying not very high-quality belts from America, I’ll tell you more about the received ones at the end of the review. As if they themselves used a Chinese punch. It seems to be horror-horror.

Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan, things are not very good with high-quality leather goods. Inside is a kit for shortening the belt, well, the belt itself. There are 6 holes in the canvas for fastening the belt. Used belt from Ariat.
Skin wrinkled a little.
And so – it looks decent. Width 34 mm. Feels like soft leathery leather. Although until recently the Semipalatinsk Leather and Fur Plant functioned in my city, we did not see any leather or furs, not to mention good sheepskin coats, belts and gloves. In my reviews, I try to give a link to the trading platform where I bought myself. I have looked at many of the discount branded belts from pairmysole.

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