Tool set WORKPRO W003057A 108 items

Heads in a set of two profiles – hexagonal and E-profile:
A flexible extension for 1/4 is not enough, there is only a cardan. With signature blue and red rubber grip.
Good result. Checking the hardness of the extension: The set has been in active work for a month now, you can see it by the greasy handles and bits)) I also wiped everything for the photo. Here is an example of re-shoeing a car using this kit:
My usual set of 23 items was 42-44.
E-profile – sockets with a specific shape of the notch – in the form of a six-pointed asterisk (also called "Internal Torx", by analogy with the corresponding type of keys.
< br />the most popular, nothing exotic.
8mm hex bits and 1/4" bits: The tool is laid out in signed cells in two halves of the case: Fasteners for torx heads are quite common in a car.

The lower half is covered with a plastic blister so that the little things do not hang around the suitcase. Ratchets:
Opening two latches: Is it expensive for such a set? (in the comments they will say that it is expensive). Tool steel, like 40X. Greased. 72 clicks.
The walls are thick enough, the suitcase does not play when compressed. In the lower compartment there are also two ratchets 1/2 and 1/4", sockets, extensions and knobs. We are looking for a set of 108 tools there — A set of tools 108 pr wagon. Weight of the case:
Chromium is present, vanadium is not present. Silver matt finish. Bits: Let’s run through the items. Hand tool: And under the cut, we will briefly consider a set of tools that are usually bought for car repair.

Tool set WORKPRO W003057A 108 items

Let’s do my traditional tool tests. Now check chem. steel composition: Composition of the set in detail: Hello everyone.

The handle is rubberized.
The set comes in a heavy plastic case 370x270x85 mm: Various documentation is included in the kit:
Chemistry: BERGER 7 279 rub. /PCS.
What is an “express review” from me, I have already told, for example, in the review of pneumoclins.
Like cartridges in a bandolier, end heads and bits are fixed in the upper compartment of the nozzle. Tested extension: Manufacturer Workpro met on the pages of mysku, mostly it was reviews of bags for tools and construction knives. We look in offline stores: in Bryansk, the largest and most popular trading house for the Stroylon tool (I usually buy there). Delivery from Moscow by transport company, the price can be seen on the screenshot: The coating is nickel electroplated, and of a rather high thickness. Today is an express review of the W003057A kit from WORKPRO with delivery from the Russian Federation. There are no special complaints, everything is alive, not licked.

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